Welcome to the Indian Hardware Startup Network (IHSN).

Making commercial hardware in India is difficult (to put it mildly), and the idea behind IHSN is to create a community that connects startups with local manufacturers, useful resources, and each other. Let us pool in our resources, share our knowledge, and try to find solutions to common problems - manufacturing, sourcing, jobs, regulatory issues - just to name a few.

The core of IHSN is our forum. This is where all the action happens. In order to cut spam and make it a useful, relevant group for the members, we have made the membership by invitation-only. If you are part of a hardware startup in India, and would like to join us, please send a membership request to info@electronut.in. In your email, please include your website and a logo (PNG sized to 128 px width) - so we can add you to the member list below.

The forum contents are public, so do take a peek below:

Click Here to Enter IHSN Forum


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